Customer Comments

He are just a few comments from Streetwise customers. These are extracts from just a few of the many hundreds of unsolicited testimonials received by Streetwise Publications. All of the original letters and emails are held on file at the Streetwise head office in Rotherham.

“I would like to congratulate you on your excellent publications. I have been most pleased with everything I have received from you since becoming a customer.”
Dermot Carr – Email

“Can I take this opportunity to commend you on the excellent work that you do. I have found your newsletter along with your business manuals of immense use to myself.”
I Downes – Email

“I really enjoy your publications and courses. They are different and unlike ordering from some companies I feel that I can order in confidence, knowing that they are actually what you describe them to be.”
Ann Collingwood – Essex

“Many thanks for the ideas you have given me over the last few months. I have gone from having a boring 9 to 5 job, to running my own business and still having enough time to follow my career as a musician!! I can also give to charities now which I have never been able to do before. This makes me feel absolutely brilliant about myself! Keep up the good work.”
Sam Tyers – Nottingham

“Streetwise is one of the very few companies I know I can trust.”
E Gawman – Devon

“Thank you for all your help this year. I wouldn’t be this close to success without your help.”
Mangla Sanchdev – Dunfermline

“Throughout the time I have been a subscribing member I have always been impressed with your professionalism and the efficiency of your service.”
Paul Ring – Devon

“I’ve been a customer of Streetwise for many years and over that time have admired your success and marvelled at the quality of the products you market.”
Brian Callaghan – West Lothian

“I have subscribed now for at least a couple of years. In that time I have found it a remarkable publication for all the positive values it brings to those that implement them.”
Ian Bramwell – Manchester

“I would like to mention how excellent your courses are. They are second to none. Thank you for helping me.(so much effort and so much practical advice).”
R A Chivers – Oxford

“Let me start by congratulating Streetwise publications which offers great educational information for your customers. Streetwise has certainly given me confidence in the company and it’s products. It has me as a repeat customer for sure.”
Alan Wong – Glasgow

“Thank you far all your valuable help & advice & courses. I am proud to work with you”
Philip Martin – Milton Keynes

“Congratulations on the quality of the material produced and the excellent opportunities presented.”
Anthony Graham – Belfast

“1000/100 for customer support!!! Mr Harrison is lucky – I can count on one hand the number of companies I have dealt with over the decades that have good support – and yours is the best I’ve had. I also loved the book you send me – will be ordering the latest one next month.”
Liam Broderick – Email

“During the past twenty plus years I have purchased many excellent products from Streetwise, several family members have used them to great benefit”
Mr M J McCutchen

“First of all I commend you on your ethics in the way you and your staff run your enterprise and also enjoy your writings and publications; not to mention the many opportunities that are often very attractive.”
Geoff Portlock – Lincs

“I’ve been an avid follower of you and Streetwise Publications for years and years. Far too many to remember actually but suffice it to a say, a few! I’ve purchased many of your works and have been most satisfied with them (I’ve even profited handsomely, thanks)”
G Fletcher – Email

“I would only purchased a system like this from Streetwise Publications as you are a trusted organisation with an excellent reputation for selling and promoting good quality products.”
R Lockwood – Burnley

“Having been a customer for a good number of years, over 20 for sure, I thought a thank to yourself and staff would not go a miss for what I consider to be the best service in the business without a shadow of doubt, your staff are always courteous on the phone, efficient and altogether brilliant…very many thanks.”
Mike Powner – Hants

“You are an excellent service and an inspiring on also and you have never let me down”
C Dykins – Cheshire

*These are extracts from just a few of the many hundreds of unsolicited testimonials received by Streetwise Publications. All of the original letters and Emails are held on file at the Streetwise head office in Rotherham.

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